Poems by
Terry Jones

All alone…

a poem by Terry Jones

All alone
I sit and cry
contemplating suicide.
You’re far away,
away from me,
but through my tears
you’re all I see.
I miss you,
no one knows.
You probably don’t know
what’s going on.
Well, join the club
cause no one does.
Don’t know why it hurts so bad.
I was so happy, but now I’m sad.
I don’t wanna go,
no, not yet.
It’s not time
don’t you understand?
I’ve found what I want.
I’ve found you.
We want to be one
but they made us two.
No more calls, no more letters,
how can they believe it’ll get better.
They don’t care anyway.
They tell me “don’t cry”
they buried you today.