Death of an insect

a poem by Sanal Kumar

When time composes
its music of/in silence,
an insect emerges slowly
from the darkness
it was stifled in
by a human being,
it struggles to find its way out
until light peeped through
its dark trap,
and in the stillness of that night,
it made its escape
from its captivity.

Crawling with measured steps,
it approaches the enemy
in a dark shroud
of vengeance
but the fool doesn’t know,
vengeance comes
with a heavy price!

Alas! be it sixth sense,
the enemy awakes
before the poor one could bare its fangs
and sting its prey!
Prey! who is whose prey
is to be proved in the battle that ensued.

It fights with its last weapons,
the fangs broken,
powerless it becomes
and finally succumbs
to a glorious end-

The enemy is victorious again,
yet another of god’s creatures vanquished.