Poems by
Terry Jones

The Hero

a poem by Terry Jones

I did not want to go,
They inducted me.
I tried to run away,
They courtmartialed me.
I did not shoot,
They said I had no guts.
They ordered the attack,
and shrapnel tore my guts.
They carried me to safety,
Then in safety I died.
They crossed out my name,
and buried me under a cross.
They made a speech in my hometown,
I was unable to call them liars.
They said I was brave,
I had tried to run.
They said they were proud of me,
I had been ashamed of them.
They said my mother should also be proud,
My mother cried.
They called me a hero,
I had been a coward.
I died a coward
only to be remembered
as a hero.