Poems by
Sushil Sundrayal

She Knows

a poem by Sushil Sundrayal

On the second ????? anniversary-

Was quite and frigid but not sad.
Unaware of anything may face bad.

Surveying the sight outside the OT.
Woman on floor wearing blue dhoti.
Men were chatting sitting in a round.
Unable to perceive as low was the sound.

On right lizard stuck with the wall,
Seeming severely keen for the next call.
The clock was turning around midnight
And then I noticed a change in the sight.

Quietly physician came out of the room,
With a wicked plan to give me a boom.
Spoke lightly, “Now she is no more.”
But I was assured that he was not sure.

Lips were smudged with a real smile
Presuming that he was jesting for a while.
Searching carefully smile in his eyes
Yet, he was looking auxiliary wise.

‘It’s a joke’: this faith was too strong
But witless tears fell to prove me wrong.
Still I was sure that ‘it’s an awful joke.’
Soon I would scold them at this silly mock.

How could she leave me alone in this selfish sphere?
She knows that Zim is still too young to bear.