False Faces

a poem by Ramya R

We are false men and false women
Living in this false worldly den
With false desires and false hope
With false glitter and glamour being doped

There is a sheath that surrounds us like shell
In cruel ambitions we all dwell
Reaching top is the ultimate goal
Be it a fair means or the foul

To reach the top, you do all thieving
To whom are you lying, whom are you cheating?
To face the truth, do you have guts?
Your own veins are being cut!!!

This false world is like a stage
There is glitter, glamour and so much daze
Seeing anyone’s true face is so hard
Within every false face, there lies a fraud

Even I am scared to see that face
If others see, what will be the case?
Is there anyone who would care?
To look at the true face, would he dare?

Put tears aside and worries beside
But, in your throat a lump resides
Let not grief lines trouble your face
Bring out that false face, and smile with grace.