Poems by
Surag R


a poem by Surag R

I love to play a sweet melody,
To my sorrows it’s a great remedy,
Reached the hall at full fashion,
Played the notes with great passion.
Was the song of my emotion,
Was my soul that flew, through it
Blend with your love and devotion
Was the song of sweet remembrance!
The day at first I saw you was
Rainy day with sparkling drops
There was rainbow, there was sky,
There was slowly flowing stream.
What I saw was, only you
Your lovely face and dreamy eyes
You filled my heart with something new
As clear as a morning dew.
Your eyes were shining clear and bright
Your words were soothing, pure and right
It was the heaven I felt with you,
It grieves for me, without you.
In your absence let my guitar play,
The song I call a sweet melody
Thinking you I played my chords
Tied my grieves with lot of cords!