a poem by Subramanian K S

Skin-tight denim jeans
matched with an eye-catching
T-shirt; confidence lining
his brow, he reels out
missives on cellphone; his eye
set on a toehold in cyberden;
Mind ever in the web of
ferment, arm reaching out
for the stellar seat.

With PC unmasking a
borderless world of lucre,
knowledge and elite glitz,
every city on a cloud of magic;
Homes abuzz with electronic
aids and reams of cybertalk;
Back in yore, every man
fancied a morning walk;
Now it is yoga with internet;
Cableman left edgy at
the door, the miasmic breath
of multi-media kit close behind.

On the tantalising arc of
cyberbow the pilgrim
daunted by the rolling vistas;
Beyond the orbit the menacing
rumble of the inchoate world?