a poem by Prashanth Sriram

Years ago I saw a man
With a haircut like Apache Indian’s.
I too was his fan,
But I didn’t sport tram lines.

I saw a picture of my Dad
In which he wore Bell-Bottoms;
He told me it was a fad
In the Nineteen Seventies!

I saw someone wearing those again
After a star wore them in a Tamil movie!
I thought he was insane,
But it’s like that everywhere you see.

Girls started wearing mini – skirts;
But thanks to Princess Diana
It was back to Salwaar Kameez.
And even that was only for a month.

The next time you see someone
Wearing a helicopter umbrella
Or Goggles that’s a straw
For sipping a cool drink,
Don’t bother making fun of them,
Because they’re making fun of you.
Who knows, you’re in a fad of your own;
Only you don’t know it.

People have an unbelievable passion
To follow the latest fashion;
But no two people are the same
So ignore the others to stay sane.