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It’s the horrible Headmonster

a poem by Suchaita

What’s more frightening than a fire-breathing dragon,
Than a blood-thirsty shark,
Than a hungry lion,
Than goblins in the dark?

What’s scarier than a ghoul in the attic,
Than a sharp-toothed alligator,
Than an angry elephant,
Than being stuck in the elevator?

What’s more terrifying than a charging rhino,
Than being caught by a lobster?
Well, I’ll tell you what is-

It’s The Horrible Headmonster!

Lurking in the ever-concealing shadows,
Watching his prey with cold, red eyes
Scaring to death even the bravest of men
With his enormous size-

Is The Horrible Headmonster!

Waking up in the dead of night
To spread chaos and fear;
To fill his growling stomach,
Causing some to shed a tear-

Is The Horrible Headmonster!

With five heads and soulless eyes,
With a hairy body, which is a dreadful sight,
With venomous fangs and a slimy tongue,
Impressing everyone with his incredible height-

Is The Horrible Headmonster!

So, if an eerie shadow passes your bed at night,
And you simply can’t imagine what it could be,
It’s time to sit up in bed and cry,
Mummy, the Headmonster’s after me!