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My Song of War

a poem by Suchaita

As I walked along the beach
On the December of 1939,
I thought of my family
And was sure that everything would be fine.

I thought of my mother
With her loving and tender heart;
And my dear sister,
Who was exceptionally smart.

My joyous dreams were shattered
By a tremendous sound;
I never found out anything
Except the gruesome scene that I soon found.

My beloved family was dead,
My dreams were washed away with tears;
My heart was full of anger
And to get over it would take years.

They told me that I was unlucky,
That I was not the only one;
That my life would begin anew
Like a morning-with a sun.

They were right-so I now know,
For I’ve got another chance;
I have a new family
And I’ve got back the music and the dance.

My second mother is a dear,
My sister is a real dear
And it is with them
That I have no fear.

I’ve forgotten grief
And many a witnessed horror;
I have forgotten death
And all of my unimaginable sorrow.

But even today when I walk along the beach
And think of my song of war;
The spirits of the departed join together in the sunset
With the kindest faces I ever saw!