Poems by
Subramaniam Sundaram

And she trespassed over my heart

a poem by Subramaniam Sundaram

I used to play with words and phrases
writing was my potent style of expression.
Penning down my stream of thoughts
bailed me out of many a depression.

My mind was open to one and all
no thoughts no ideas were ever inhibited.
But my heart was all mine my love
trespassing over it was totally prohibited.

But the day we met I was simply bowled over
and all my defenses instantly vaporized.
Your beauty, your thoughts, your just being there
Oh my! Girl, you left me mesmerized!

Your presence in the air was so powerful
my lungs seemed to be breathing you in.
Mixing into my blood stream silently and fast
you made it straight into my heart.

You trespassed into my heart
and you didn’t stop with that.
You seemed pretty determined to stay
and I wanted you to have it your way.

Your confident walk, the tousled hair
that killer smile and the face so fair.
Over both my heart and my simple brain
your image is now beginning to rein.

Each time that this poor soul sneezes
people around exclaim ‘Bless You!’
C’os the heart skips a beat at that moment
but all I can think of is ‘Honey, I miss you!’

I want to know now my love
If trespassing over your heart
is prohibited as mine was.
For I want to pitch camp and stay there forever
merging into your heartbeat without a pause.