Poems by
Subramaniam Sundaram

The reunion

a poem by Subramaniam Sundaram

A soldier returning home from war in a helicopter
sees his wife at the helipad.

Too many months have I waited for this day
Too many nights spent lonely in my bay.
Looking forward to that moment of grace
when you would again be in my embrace.

My duty to the nation took me far
a true son to my county, I went to the war.
But I am just another human
who loves his woman.

And I promised to return
without even a scar.
Missiles exploded all around me
bodies laid out to a mile.
Yet, even during those moments
honey, I missed your smile.

As my chopper hovered over the helipad
I saw your tousled golden hair.
And I knew it was you my dear
our moment of reunion was now very near.

I jumped the last few feet down to the ground
to the awe-struck look of the men around.
I could not bear this distance any longer
with you in my arms now, honey
once again I feel stronger.