Poems by
Sreenivasa Murthy K G

World – Peace

a poem by Sreenivasa Murthy K G

Craving for world peace, a noble desire
Warring in the pretext of peace, a great blunder
Striving for world peace, a noble cause
That makes the world so lovable and fair

The world existed after the first world war
Somehow managed to survive after the second war
If the third world war is to be a reality
We will not be here to see the graveyard

No first use of weapons, a positive commitment
Simla agreement, panchasheela principles
Peaceful use of nuclear energy into a direction
Welfare of the entire mankind be our conviction

World peace is our longstanding dream
Gandhi, Nehru, Nelson, Nairere put in efforts
Extremism and Cessation no answer to the theme
Unification, co-operation concepts of cream

Let our efforts be for a world-government at top
Local-self government show concern for the mass
E-governance be our mode of rule
World-peace be our non-compromising goal