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a poem by Christuraj Alex

As a lovely lotus, holding her head high, dooms to fade…
So is the fate of which damn degradation does invade!

When the angel of democracy murdered and muted,
Could politics provide people protection well suited?

When disruption of home and strife for living grow thriving,
Doesn’t, like corroding steel, society go riving?

When caste, color, creed, and sects, like Rock walls, true growth obstruct,
Could we, midst so solid strife, succeed culture to construct?

Aren’t riches fading flowers, if fail to face poverty?
Could when hunger sky-scrapes, humans dream of joys plenty?

Who can save religions from fermenting fatality,
When, it shifts from soul-strengthening spirituality?

When the air, water, soil, hills, vales… get wholly polluted,
Could the environment escape getting foully afflicted?

When inner harmony, easily, by changes challenged,
Could capture of pride by shame be so easily balanced?

Every sphere needs to move in so sequential symphony,
If not, could all live in life-casting cosmic harmony?