Poems by
Sowmya K V

An old diary

a poem by Sowmya K V

Thud!!. With a noise, something fell
In front of my legs
From the cupboard
In front of me.

I took it in my hands
Cleaned the dust
And opened the pages
With excitement.

Its pages flew
As my mind blew
To know about it and
To whom it belonged to?

Turning a few pages
I thought that it was familiar
Then I came to know
That it was mine.

I could not even get my handwriting
Those words dancing and running
Half was rubbed
And half torn.

I went through it
Every page
And every line and every word
That I have written.

I came to know that I have written it
Some 20 years ago
When I was small
And innocent.

I read through every page
And those half rubbed words
Made the happenings
Flashed in my mind.

I was happy to see my innocence
When I wrote it
It made me happy in some pages
And even cry in some.

Now time has gone
I had forgotten all
Now I have my own life
No time to think over past.

But this diary
Brought my old days
Of naughtiness and prankness
And happiness and sadness.

I saw the time
It was 5 o’ clock
And I had to go to my class
With a hurry.

I kept this on my table
Without knowing that again
If I would have time
To read that.

Thus an old thing brought
An excitement in my life.
All my old life
Enclosed in that 90-100 pages of diary.

I feel happy today
Even though it brought
A tear in my eye
And pain in my heart.

I have this diary today
Not in locker
But in my hand
To go through it