Poems by
Sowmya K V

Friend – A second self

a poem by Sowmya K V

In the depth of my heart
When I peep
I see nothing
Nothing at all.

Then I saw something moving
A shadow like thing
A soul in me
Moving ahead.

I went in deep search
That, what was it?
I came to know that it was not me
But my friend.

I thought that
How my friend could be in my heart
When I have so many people dear to me
So close to me.

Then I came to know that
Without my knowledge
She has reached me closer
Even in my heart.

My heart which belonged to my dear ones
Was taken away by her
And every breath of my heart
Would tell you stories of her

Hence I came to know
That day
The lesson in life
About friendship
That friendship is not simply in saying that
‘She is my friend’
‘Oh, she is my best friend’
but friends are someone whom you love
on whom you rely
with whom you share your feelings
who are always there with you at all times
good and bad
a life without a friend is a worthless life.
I feel proud that I have a best friend
Who is close to me
And she resides in my heart and
In my soul!!!