Poems by
Snigdha Ganguly

Echoing Emotions

a poem by Snigdha Ganguly

The strange echoes, touching my tired ears.
Though it never vibrates from the heart of the relentless winds.
Stranded in the arms of harmless obscurity,
bringing invitations to fly high… more high,
beside the ambience of the brightest clouds
reaching the blue face of the virgin sky, I shiver
put your deaf ears to the sound that reach your frozen hearts.
Dilapidate the touching sorrow…
unveil, reveal your hidden abstract emotions,
Through the path of mere tears.
I have rented my silence inside the core of your’s.
My broken soul stood in its way
as the echoes of the distant unknown cry, reaching it’s utmost high,
But only in my fragile dreams… in the stillness of the night.
It achieved it’s lost faith… innocence
In the deep rhythm of my hilarious sleep, to reap the harvests,
the hidden treasures of a lost time,
where we all are standing alone, in the midst of a desolate street.
Alienated hidden dreams overflowing in the void of my speechless screams
bringing memoirs of a lost dream.