My spirit and Eternity

a poem by Lakshminarayana K

When the swirls of your tresses dance, I find
The blooms of my dreams float on a song;
When the light of your looks enlightens this mind
Shine sights of life in moonbeams are long;
When your glossy cheeks get wet in love portion
Appear globules of dew on the thoughts of mine;
When the bough of your lips bloom smiles in emotion
The bee of my heart waggle round you in spirals fine;
When the pearls of your teeth dazzle in laughs bright
The deep sea of my life grows a harbour of pearls;
When loveliness drips from the hive of your chin light
I taste eternity at your tinted touch of curls;
Oh my dream real, tongue of heart mine tender
You’re my eternity of emotions sans a blunder.