Poems by
Snigdha Ganguly

The end of a Rebellious Maestro

a poem by Snigdha Ganguly

The Sun swept away
In an ocean of lust and sorrow,
There was a light
But it never shined,
Dominated and conquered
By a hollow trust.

There was a soul who wanted to swim
In the streams of innocence,
But it was a momentary lapse of time,
That came as a sailor
With it’s ship of naked dreams
Which in a moment dies.

As the broken man cried
And his tears fades away
Through the cruel thirsty miles
So the Almighty makes a sadistic sigh.
There wasn’t a need for mankind
As a young man dies,
Without the healing touch of this earthly love
So he makes his journey
Through an unknown path.

The mighty soul fly high
Beyond the reach of those vague smiles.
The dead soul tried,
To gain his ultimate goal… a little bit of silence
A sound of a gun… a flash of a light
A silent unheard cry
His veins were soaken
With drops of cocaine
But the gun was broken,
And the bullets lost its fire
The END was done.
At last… At last
But still a big layer of rust
As it entered the polluted earthly breath
Full of sorrow and pain.
Then came the last smile, unseen, unfelt
But just a little bit wise
With a message for his lovers, unknown
The end of maestro, the end of a life.