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The Transformation

a poem by Siva

Throbbing with pangs of anger, hatred and jealousy
Frustrated and with furious look stood ‘he’
Gasping for breath Peace and sleep!
The hot outlet ‘breath’ of his, burnt to ash the surrounds
The pungent odour of his profuse sweat, ignited his wrath
As he fretted and fumed, at his slough of despondency
“What a hell, this life is dirty bitter repellent.”

Pleasantly piquant with love, grace and affection
Affluent as ever, from her smiling face
The modest, ‘self’ effacing, graceful manifestation
Of the ‘supreme love’ surrendered unto him; and as
The mesmerising smell of just bloomed jasmine
Effervesced the brilliantly tantalising atmosphere
The natural beauty of her face, subtly glamoured off his eyes’ fury
The tender scintillating ‘touch’ of her rose-petal like
Palms, melted his tough masculine exterior!

Then their eyes met soberly nursing the lesions of love
Their lips quivered as they met in a momentous ‘sparsh’
Of a ‘blissful kiss’ : and then his heart whispered
Resurgent with ‘love’ and life splashing through
“The Hell (!?) no it turns heaven and with you besides!”
And then the heat dissipated so cool as
Anger turned passion; hatred into love and
Jealousy echoed as ‘Pride’ as an unborn infant
Shrieked in sheer exuberance of its prospective mirth
Of its ‘birth’ on this ‘love’ and pleasure filled earth!