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My Love’s Unconsciousness

a poem by Siva

The night was wearing on and the day was at dawn;
The Sun would protrude, casting its fresh golden rays
Out were the tribes of the farmer’s-unique race,
While the rest of world was still sleeping on
The stars were fainting and the moon was gone
The river was flowing smooth with a gentle pace,
On the bank of which stood I, gazing thro’ the space
My attention in flash was completely drawn,
By a maiden of Angelic Beauty and striking charm!
Clad in the whitest silken robes of a Royal bride,
Stood she smiling at me, as I watched her still;
That smile annulled even the Monalisa’s charm!
It bloomed on her face with unequitable pride,
As I admired the Beauty of that natural skill;
She waved her hands gently and asked me to near,
As her golden tassels glittered in the early Sun!
And I drew nearer, as slowly did she turn,
And moved in a path, which to me was dear!
The sweet jingling of her anklets, was all I’d hear,
As I followed her closely like a father’s faithful Son!
Suddenly she stood firm and my mind did stun;
I felt her like stone and frenzied with fear !
Back to my senses, I found I was in grave yard;
And there in front of me, stood she as a doll!
Below was her grave, on which were inscribed hard;
“Here lies my Dearest, who succumbed to a swift call!”
That angelic Beauty was “My Sweet Heart” I loved
So dear that “I was only for her”-I’d once vowed.