The Sixth Wave

a poem by Tiyagi

The vast unending sea looked tranquil and calm
As a bride awaiting her lover’s touch on her palm.
The distant horizon melted in a marriage of grey and blue
Calmly reflecting the millions of waves bubbling in mystic dance;
The golden sun in his last ride was still scorching
As faceless multitudes arrived to play in the wavelets
That splashed a few feet on man’s earth.

The turbulent surface waves seething in angry froth
Pounded in repeated waves the unyielding beach,
Wave after wave roared to create an uproar of thunder
Slashing its greedy passionate tongue on the soft coarse beach.
With monstrous momentum the waves came forth
Spouting all its energy in a maddened assault
As a jealous lover throttling his unfaithful love.
Wave after wave came to smother in thunderous venom
The graceful lovely unyielding earth;
Unceasingly possessive, determinedly taunting,
The waves like monstrous bubbles of tireless love
Drenched man’s earth as thoughtless multitudes played by.

Then came the motley crowd for its game of life,
Living breathing specimens of walking cholesterols,
Peaking in pride, pelf and petulant glee
The motley crowd were all experts on their whims;
Away they stood on the mighty ground
Watching the divine designs drawn by molested waves.
Angry froths now appeared as glistening diamonds
Withdrawing from a turbulent embrace of passionate love.
All the experts stood on the withdrawing graceful waves
That now fell ashamed of its murderous futile assault.

Wave after wave gently caressed their feet;
Their vain bodies shuddered in cold
As the golden sun dimmed and dipped for a welcome rest.

The secret lies in standing firm, said one in the crowd,
Hold on firmly to escape the elusive sand
And all the success is yours, he said.
No wave can fell you, nothing can touch you
As long as you squat squarely, said the round bottom;
All these are pointless solutions, said the double rimmed,
Glide through the wave and take them head on,
No wave can fell you, nothing can win over you, said he.
The lean frame then asked to show their backs
On all the waves which would then become elusive
Losing their bite in sterile screams, said he.
Watching all this in muffled amusement,
The chief expert contemptuously asked to apply their minds;
Count the waves and beware of the sixth wave, he said;
Five waves gently pass with muted whispers
But the sixth wave ferociously runs on, said he.

That is not the point said the much adored slim-waisted
As she glided in and out of the waves elusive as silk;
Allow the frothy waves to smother and roll over
Till its quest can meet its match, she said.
Stand inside the waves as they roll past
Hugging you in violent protest,
Gently allow the frothy bites on your heart
And let the humdrum whistle glide in mute gust
Said the little fat one as she rolled on the beach.

The deep brow in its weighty burden of futile wisdom
Advised all and sundry to detach from waves
And stand apart to watch; waves are waves
That are made to smother and flatten man,
Therefore move away and don’t stoop, said he.

Hold my hand as you hold my heart, said the doe eyed
In soft saline whisper to her new sweetheart,
Let the waves come in thousands and sixes
But nothing can part us till heavens fall
And the earth ceases, said the doe eyed to the bored.

Ah, you fools, said the dim eyed in flowing robes,
Trimming his beard, he sauntered on to the waves;
The grey balding head thundered in lofty anger
And muttered in monotonous preposterous chant
That all nature is at man’s feet
To be tormented and tamed to do his will.

The old man tottering still on yesterday’s dreams
Felt much flattered to offer his voiceless visions;
The secret is in the stick, my dear,
Split the waves and ride through,
For nothing can make you fall ajar, said he.

The motley children in moonlit faces
Were splashing their hands in bountiful glee,
Away they ran to catch the frothy feast
Before the thirsty beach munched its perennial guest.
With thousand dreams each castle was built in mirth
And with thousand sighs the castles crashed in waves lust.
Yet the child ran on to catch the wavy flow
And make it a partner to share his robust love;
Each time the waves kissed and went past
Even as the child’s heart rebounded in boastful pride.

Behind the reach of the waves and above the sandy beach,
An orphaned dog was striding along in unwatched glory,
With slouching twisted open tongue in greedy thirst,
With fluttering lean long tail in unashamed freedom
The rugged custodian majestically was running on all four,
Gazing in apathy, with loyalty and love to none
But its own; The four-feeted beast with graceful head
Paused to see the crash of motley crowd by the timeless waves;
With a roar the Sixth Wave smothered to dust the crowd,
The violent thunderous frothy beast smashed its way past
To meet its deadly embrace of perennial quest.

The distant sun sunk in enveloping misty darkness
As million diamonds rose above in gleeful silence;
The lonely pensive wanderer began his moody march;
The orphan stately dog in fixed gaze continued his stride;
With a roar the sixth wave smashed its way down
Quenching its violent passion for its fearful embrace
And kissing its reluctant maiden with million diamonds of captured sun;
The sixth wave with venomous passion drenched the beach yet again,
Retreating in sullen silence, returning in violent victory
Unmindful of petulant vanities strewn on its perennial path.