Poems by
Shweta Dixit

I wish…

a poem by Shweta Dixit

Let me tell you
I couldn’t say till now…
I don’t know how to say…
Our first glance, so magnetic
We couldn’t avoid
We kept mum
But couldn’t stop talking eyes
Heart knows all the matters
The mind is still blind
I tried to control my emotions
To my soul I couldn’t deny

Days gone by
I wanted you to always smile
A unique bond of trust arose
With new hopes
We dream to go together miles
Some stolen moments shared by us
Made us so close, we can’t now guess
We fell in love
Yes, we are now in love
We don’t know when and how
But its true, its divine love
You stole my heart,
You touched my soul
Your arms around me
Make me feel myself whole
I still feel sensations
I received from your first touch
Our trembling hearts
That were beating strong

That’s all paradise for me
You sooth all my pains
Shivering lips, gonna wet,
By loving rains
Everything seemed to be cherished
Cherished love, life cherished

Oh what have you’ve all done
I miss you as undone
I miss you with each of my heartbeat
Miss you with each of my breath
Come and hold me in your arms
I wish to be only yours
Let me entrust my hands to you
I wish you to kiss my eyelids
I wish you to heal my pain
Let me sleep on your shoulder
I need your humble cares
Let me say how much I love you too
Let us fully fall in love…