Poems by
Shilpa Shinde

The Wait

a poem by Shilpa Shinde

The days seem longer, stretching on and on
The nights even more
An endless stream of shimmering stars
I sit lost in my thoughts
Amidst the crowds
All alone I feel
Unaware of chaos all around

Words when spoken I remember you
Stories when heard I remember you
Songs when hummed I cherish you
Memories when refreshed,
Its you I remember.
Only you as clear as a mirror
Reflect on my mind.

I feel myself comparing
Realizing and becoming happier
Every second
For having a friend so sweet
But I also feel
More and more insecure
About having;.as a friend
A person so sweet as you

All said,
I think you must have understood
Just how much I miss you
Just as I have realized
And unwillingly accepted
I missed you very much.