Paradox of Attachment

a poem by Jeet

Pain of detachment of yesterday,
Cry of a painful heart
Worth not of such an emotion
Where there is, but only repulsion

A ray of happiness did peep in
In the darkness of a sorrow
Though momentary was the glance
But all my sorrows submerged

It went forth so deep
Pierced deep in my heart
A heart so fragile and soft
With agony did it bleed ‘tears of blood’.

Though happiness I thought, that came over me
But seldom I know it was cocoon of sorrow
When it broke open the truth within
It was hatred, hatred, and hatred.

Love not anyone so much
That it hurts
Care not anyone so much
That the heart bursts.

When the tears roll down the cheeks
And no warm hands to wipe them
You are so lonely TODAY
There is no shoulder to cry on.