Poems by
Satirtha Nandy

For you O’Fair Lady

a poem by Satirtha Nandy

Such lovely eyes,
Where else can I find,
It makes me sand blind,
Contemporary cat-like on which my heart plies.

Countless dense black hair,
Seeing which arouses my desire,
One of them kissed your cheek,
Alas, I infront of you look so meek.

Those widespread red lips,
How feminine you look when you travel in ships,
With a lovely little-big nose,
And such shaped ear to pose.

You stand so tall on your feet,
You make the hearts infront of you beat,
Worthy to be one of beauty queens,
And I say you look ultimate in jeans.

As I see you more and more,
My heart feels Aur Pyar Ho Gaya but has no pore,
Dil mein aate hai Josh,
And seeing you my tongue blabs gosh.

I dance with your Taal,
Enough, now let me tell to my pal,
Ssshhh… you are not a …
Yes, you are Aishwarya.