Poems by
Sangeetha Parthasarathy

My Unseen Friend

a poem by Sangeetha Parthasarathy

I have never seen Your face
But I have known through my happiness
That You have smiled at me
Know not I the color of Your skin
But I have felt its softness
Through the petals of a flower
Your voice I have never heard
But I have heard Your songs through the birds
Your hand I have never touched
But I have felt the strength
Of Your arms around me
Whenever I have cried or felt depressed
Never have I seen You,
But You are my closest friend and guide
Dearer and sweeter than everyone else
You have given me words of courage
Through the sound of thunder
You have taught me patience
Through the rolling waves of the sea
You have taught me serenity
Through the stillness of the night
You have taught me to see rays of Hope
Through moon beams in the night
Even though I have not seen You
I feel and see You in my mind
You have given me all I’ve needed
You reside in my heart
Now and forever! My Unseen Friend