Poems by
Sangeetha Parthasarathy


a poem by Sangeetha Parthasarathy

Take time today!
To see the beauty of your life.
To let the innocence of a baby warm your heart,
To let laughter brighten your day,
To let a warm touch make you smile,
Take time today before it moves away.

Take time today!
To acknowledge the beauty surrounding you,
To cherish the joy that friendship brings,
To relish the security family offers,
To revere the harmony love brings to life,
Take time today before it slides away.

Take time today!
To become your own best friend,
To know you will never be perfect, but will be loved anyway.
To realize you have imperfections that make you unique,
To understand it’s best to like yourself just the way you are,
Take time today before you lose your way.

Take time today!
To appreciate the joy that life brings,
To feel joy in living comes from within your heart,
To apprehend you are the key to your own happiness.
Take the time today before it flies away.