God oh my Gawd

a poem by Philosopher Krish

I am watching you from my window
countless of you pass by me
not knowing my subtle presence
nor do I care about your limited sense
in heat you sweat
in cold you shiver
with decease you die
you miserable human creature
what is there in store for you
from coffin you came
in coffin you go
why do you care that which is not you
with myth you are shaken
with illusions you battle
in dreams you live
what a fragile creature are you
I never help even if you shout for me
I laugh at you when you speak of ethics
I smile at you when you debate on me
I don’t really care for you
so don’t be bothered with what you do
your pleasure and pain are one the same
you pretend like a demigod in creating them
you don’t need to believe in me
nor will you receive any reward from me
I don’t need to guard you
for I have better work to do
I am the locus for all your life
I am there I am there
watching you enact re-enact a miserable game