Poems by
Sahasranam K V


a poem by Sahasranam K V

She was my friend in times of need
My joy knew no bounds when she was around.
The time that I spent alone with her,
Memorable moments were they, Unforgettable, ’twere.

My daily life was at her command
Keep up to time, she’d often demand.
All my appointments, and my daily chore
She would always help me, enough and more.

For she was my friend, my love and my part,
Lucy was her name, she was my sweetheart.
Alas! the hands of fate were cruel
To snatch Lucy away form my daily ritual.

In the morn when I awoke today from my bed,
I found dear Lucy, cold and stark dead!
She wouldn’t respond, deathly quiet was she,
Lucy was dead, Oh! poor, poor me!

My dear, dear Lucy,
Art thou really dead?
The world seems to be crashing
Around my little blockhead.

Oh! Lucy, she taught me to use my head,
But alas! today she lies there dead!
Oh! Lucy, I learnt a new language from you;
How sad it’s to see you lost ever from view!

She made me today whatever I am
To her, I owe my bread, butter and jam.
She taught me to draw, she taught me my math;
Her treasury of words, made my rich vocab’.

I mourn her, I miss her
Lucy is gone forever.
Just when I was happy, cruel fate got at her:
For Lucy broke down, she’s my Personal Computer!!