Poems by
Sahasranam K V

Back in the Bosom of Nature

a poem by Sahasranam K V

Thy eyes sparkle as the wavelets
On a sunny morn;
Eyebrows that send romantic shafts
That drills a Romeo’s heart.

Lids obscure thy twinkling eyes
Yet outshining the sol;
Lashes tottery as the palms that
Tower in the wind so tall.

O! brunette, thy dark crowning glory
Matches the bubbling brook;
O! belle, I spent many a restless night
Decrying thy roseate lips.

Thy cheeks auroral as the petals
Of a soft ‘n’ blooming lotus;
Thy pearly neck around which twine
The tendrils of thy locks.

Thy immaculate attire and graceful pace
Are all beyond my words;
O! dame, thou art a fay on earth
That eyes have ne’er described.

Whenever thou glided past my side
And flashed at me a smile;
I was elated – O! my love
At seeing your smile-lit face…

Great savants today admire
Lisa’s quizzical smile;
To me, Love, thine was paramount
To Vince’s masterpiece…

A lily, I was craving for
A glimmer of the moon;
A flower I was yearning for
The droplets of the dew.

With sweet fragrance thou filled up
The chambers of my heart;
And warm blood throbbed along my veins
Imbued with intrinsic love.

The fleecy clouds atop the hills
And flowing rivers wide
Bear witness to our sportive joys
When I was by thy side.

And days rolled by
In a mercurial pace
And true-lover’s knot
Became tighter by day.

The sun never set without
Your seeking me
And the moon gifted me
With sweet dreams of thee.

A flood of solace thou proved to be
When I was plunged in grief:
In depressed spirits when I be
Thou seemed a ray of hope.

Along my Stygian corridors
A beam of light thou shined;
In the frozen abysses of my listless mind
A thawing heat thou remained.

But Fate, Ah! lays its icy hands
On all the beings alike
With a scythe so sharp it cuts some flowers
Unbiased at their plight.

Alas! my love, thou crossed its path
In the full bloom of youth;
But the eyeless brute, with his frosty hands
Quenched thy vital flame.

In time so short thy silken form
Became a mass of ash:
A withered lily to the ground thou fell
And blended with the earth.

Forsaking me in this senseless world
Thou mutely crossed the Styx;
Plunging me into a chasm of despair
Thou took thy eternal rest.

The ceaseless stream of tear drops
Rendered my eyes arid;
Time healed the wound that tore my heart
But indelible lies the scar.

The portrait of thy charming self
There hangs before my eyes
A myriad thanks to the artist that-
Designed thy angelic face.

O! Nymph, thou art no more to soothe
My little aching heart:
For thee I have a cozy nook
Within my passionate heart.

Thou dead and gone, O! my sweetheart
Thy name shall live forever.
Thou hast returned from whence thee came
Back into the bosom of nature.