Poems by
Roopa Menon

Abdul Kalam’s dream – ours too!

a poem by Roopa Menon

Beaming sun shown,
Rays ablaze with pride,
That lit up,
A small world,
That nature blessed.
As it stand’s basking,
In the glory of success and peace,
Where a boundless sky,
Showers a million raindrops,
That sinks into the soil,
Feeding a billion mouths.
And rivers overflow with love,
Filling cracks of regional rifts,
Where unity blooms,
And religious wars,
Had a premature death.
A small world that stands,
Cemented by efficiency and power.
Dead and destroyed are,
Termites of corruption.
No hidden cameras,
Digging hidden news.
A clear, transparent system,
Reaching to common man,
Where every mind is ignited,
With potent ideas,
Wheeling the nation,
To technological supremacy.
Unemployment and poverty wiped out,
And no one begs for a living.
A small world,
Climbing steps of prosperity,
In the light of education.
This small world – our India,
Is but a dream!
Residing in a billion hopeful eyes.
But here is a humane soul,
Turning sleepless nights into days,
To realize this dream,
With his scientific vision.
A man who ignites,
Every mind he meets,
A man who transforms,
Dreams into actions,
Trying to bring,
Bliss to this nation.