Poems by
Roopa Menon

The sea called life

a poem by Roopa Menon

Showers of happiness,
As a million raindrops,
Where every drop mirrors,
The wishes and dreams,
In a success transparency,
It mergers and fills the purity,
Of a sea called life.
Responsibilities and hurdles,
Are the thunder and lightning,
That accompanies the rain.
The rain is gone now
And the sun creeps out
The scorching heat,
Makes the raindrops leave.
The gentle wind
Of parental care blows,
Rocking the waves
And they gleam with sunrays,
Enduring all the pain.
In rain or sunlight,
The sea is surrounded
By the green trees,
That brings raindrops.
They symbolize hard work
They bring in
Clouds of success
That pours happiness drops,
Over the sea called life