Poems by
Ramesh Narasimhan


a poem by Ramesh Narasimhan

Seasons come and seasons go;
Things aren’t as they were before.
Time is unique in many ways;
Only you need count the days.

Now is all the time you have to do;
Whatever you could, but time overtook you;
Do you know what time is all about?
It’s a dimension, have no doubt.

With Space and Time you are defined;
You’re a process, in jargon refined.
Matter and Energy are different forms;
One becomes another, to set norms.

You have at hand the present moment;
Good deeds are your life’s rent.
Doing now is worth a billion;
Do that you may help a million;

Good soul, in this filthy murk;
Don’t from your duty shirk.
When your job’s over and well done;
Know that the season’s lived in fun.