a poem by Raj Nair

Another day in an August sunshine
Remembrance basked in the chants of history
Elitists thronged the dais in rhetorics pristine
School-gripped in silence, commotions weren’t free

An aberrant day, I always think
For the lustre of rhetorics swayed my mind
Freedom – solace to a million of my ilk
always appeared elusive for him – my fiend

He was a crank, at times I wonder
Asserts his view, bereft of my call
I scorn his gibs that make me ponder
over truth ‘n’ real that lend me a swivel

Lo! we grasp an air of muse
With pride of benevolence in retrospect
struggles abluted in diversity, souls aplomb
but unfretted he is, a vicarious circumspect

We get in rows, aghast ‘n’ mystified
reality unravels where truth succumbs
when experiences play prank, gloss gets demystified
“Freedom claims the right of choice” he clamours

The Raison d’etre for his deriding fuss
rests intact during horrendous times
in the northern pillory with a throbbing gush
of blood and anguish – freedom lends the tact

Born as a pundit in the sliding hills
where the picturesque nature abodes in camouflage
where carcass of his folk dropped like nine pins
Beleaguered he was to the evasive freedom

Factions, renegades with gutsy overtones
Bullied peace, seldom silhouetted to justify freedom
Everyone, Everything, near ‘n’ dear turned out Martyrs
The paranoia never augusted freedom to his Fiefdom

I was shrieked from my sack
by emotions that run deep in my heart
thee my SELF rendered me the flak
For sanctifying freedom despite the gruesome past