Wasteland – Paraphrased

a poem by Punavi Naik

The golden sun has disappeared into the night sky
Having released all worries from its heart
As the air is filled with joy and peace

And yet
I have only the thoughts of my love
And how much was left to be shared

As the deserted sand settles towards the horizon;
Alone, skimming the restless surface of the vast sea

I find myself in bliss less solitude
My heart conceiving stabbing pain-
Pain realized only by the disheartened

So much time has been lost
God’s creation wasted
My feelings unrevealed – wasted
Unspoken promises of love – wasted

There is nothing but me without my love
Without his embrace;
Only emptiness,
And reverberating silence.

And yet
Your eyes follow me everywhere I go
How much I miss you, no one knows