Poems by
Radhika V. Sreedhar

Nature’s Luminescence

a poem by Radhika V. Sreedhar

The sunlight beat on me mercilessly,
And I wore a coat to hide the drops of perspiration.
The moonlight revealed the liquid of my eyes,
And I was crying.
The starlights looked like diamonds and glitter on me,
And I was in unison with the sky.
The dewdrops shined on my fingers,
And I was wearing a finger ring.
The sealight glistened on my face,
And I shimmered with joy.
The fire from the volcano reflected on my forehead,
And I was having a fever.
The metals from the Earth struck and gleamed on my feet,
And my bare feet felt royal.
The light of my heart oozed radiance and fire,
Because I identified it with nature’s lights.