Nightingale Spring Songs

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Nightingale sane sings well at spring advent
Children still adults adore sweet tone gaiety,
Wards and bards adhere to tunes that ardent
Quest I, why bird tunes, in spring too pretty.

Autumn thunders keep bird in creepy fright
Winter chills fetch quivers, that stops shrills,
Summer blazes stop great croons dry throat
Allen trends wipe out placid moods of yells.

Peasants yearn bird, harbinger of good rains,
Kids repeat those tunes just to crescent hold,
Flora and Fauna seek, taping glee tone gains
Trills call clouds to turn nature verdure fold.

Let me tell! bird eats tender leaves of spring,
Yes! trims tone and tunes to elite rain swing.