Poems by
Purushothama Rao R


a poem by Purushothama Rao R

Wherever it may be
He lost his precious life
And his life strings went awry
And his body is lying in formless state

Is it in the Kashmir
Where blood shed is normal on every day
Or in Bombay
Where bombs are hurled In the form of high explosives
Or in faction ridden states
Where murders of the humans are a daily chore
Or in encounters engineered by state police
Or in the retaliation measures initiated by aboriginal

In whatever form it is his life was taken away forcibly
And the same has become hot news for the media
Eye for eye and slap for a slap is yesterdays norm
Now it is set one for ten or one for hundred

One hero will push on for the propriety of all oil wells on earth
And the white man as just zero supports him all the while
The two thus feel in apparent sense that they are the master minds
Behind every calamity or climax happening in the universe

One makes heroic attempt to destroy the great mosques
And the other fellow acts on foreign authority’s orders to disturb temple atmosphere
On destruction of national properties the traitors will have
The currency love and his poverty beholds it in high esteem altogether

However pathetic the criminal acts are
Our protecting force can’t trace them at their roots
And allow them to slip on to other countries with very much ease and comfort
We look at them as mere spectators and allow them to go Scot free

The humanity is striving hard and straining every nerve to live long with green sheen
But the demons who don’t deserve sympathy at all, take law into their violent hands
And demonstrate their loyalty to other nations that are quite against our peace and prosperity
Traitors pray for patriots’ destruction all in all segments without an iota of failure