Poems by
Purushothama Rao R

An Epoch and Apostle

a poem by Purushothama Rao R

He is a lucky chap
Needs no prop
He never pits as a flap
And always rejoices just by a clap

He works hard with the words in calmness
And chisels any raw idea to its utmost fineness
And strives hard to make it a resonating piece
In hearts and souls of all the readers in quiet and cool trance

He gets up from the bed with the cooing of the cuckoo
And starts his day dedicating ample time to language and literature
He carves the suitable words wherever it is felt appropriate
And idioms and phrases used by him become quotes of tomorrow

He lives in hopes and perspire in aspirations
He is a teacher and preacher in his own style and sheen
And reciprocates nature in its own terms feasible
He loves flowers and its fragrance scented out

He is an epoch and an apostle shining in the sky
And acts like an ambassador advocating prosperity in peace
And strives effortless to bring the brightness in delightful stance
To the planks of earth without any shy