Poems by
Priyanka Sacha Majumdar

If only…

a poem by Priyanka Sacha Majumdar

If only time could be turned back
And I could unsay the words I spoke;
If only I could forgive you
And let go of my pride instead,
If only I could forget about the past, not think about the future,
And focus on the present today;
If only I knew
What, I truly want from you,
If only I could look at the person within you,
Instead of those surrounding you;
If only I could admit to myself
That life without you would be quite incomplete,
If only I could ask you to stay
Instead of pushing you away;
If only I could remember the smiles
Instead of the silly fights,
If only I could remember the sweet words you spoke
Instead of the bitter ones;
If only my heart would not hold anything back
And trust in you completely;
If only I could ask you the million questions
To which I need answers fast;
If only I could tell you
That I’m afraid to be left all alone once again in a Fool’s Paradise,
If only I had the courage to believe in you
And admit how much I love you,
Then right now I wouldn’t be going crazy
Just at the thought of you.