Poems by
Priyanka Sacha Majumdar

Tomorrow’s Dawn

a poem by Priyanka Sacha Majumdar

After today comes tomorrow,
It brings with itself
Numerous pleasures, and strength to get over today’s sorrow.
It brings a new dawn,
A ray of hope,
And one is able to move on
Forgetting about the past.
Moving on with the day’s calm
And the peaceful light of the moon,
Shining upon us
As we walk along
Together, hand in hand,
Listening to our favourite song
On the radio.
Moving along together,
Your hand touching mine.
And thus, there’s hope again
To look forward to new things
Which bring us a happier tomorrow.
And as life takes it’s own toll,
And moves ahead at it’s own pace,
Making the distance seem even greater at times,
And then at times making yesterday seem like decades back,
When the moon, the stars, the sky
Belonged to us,
And when no one belonged to you and me,
All at the same time.
It was nature which preserved us,
And nurtured us and helped us to grow.
I cherish the times we had-
The fun, the games, of yesteryear,
Which are still close to our hearts
As they were earlier.
Yes, this is what it’s come to,
This is what we spoke about,
This light which we see today
Is actually the bringer
Of a tomorrow, which is here to stay;
And this tomorrow,
As well as the experiences of yesterday and today
Shapes us, moulds us into individuals
With our own identity,
Our own life.
So together, we’ll wait to face
Tomorrow as it comes,
Whilst we bade goodbye to today.