Poems by
Preeti Bhargava

Parting Moments

a poem by Preeti Bhargava

As I lie here listening to lilting tunes,
My mind takes a trip down memory lane,
Reviving cherished memories tucked away in a corner,
Those which bring happiness and those which bring pain.

The passage of time seems unnoticed,
Until the end is in sight,
It’s then that the truth dawns upon us,
And we try to hold each moment tight.

A bright future awaits everyone of us,
And we will journey into the unknown,
And perhaps meet each other later in life,
To remember the days bygone.

Memories, memories and more memories,
How we cherish that treasure,
From the silly giggling fits over a funny anecdote,
To the things we did together with pleasure.

Parting moments are always despondent,
And I do not wish to create a pall,
All I can say is
May god bless us all!