Poems by
Naveen Chandra R


a poem by Naveen Chandra R

Swiftly you have passed through my life
Like smoothness in air

Your passing is so subtle…
Yet it created ripples in my life
The ripples are extending till today
Like waves in a ocean which has no ends

Your gait was so subtle that
Others could not note your presence

Yet I am on the brink of ocean
With your little glance can make me
Fall and merge with eternity!

Your movement are subtler than breeze
Your presence brings me comfortableness
Which is that of being with nature…

I am carried away on each wave
Try to reach you with the waves
Within the ocean and or at the horizon

I am immersed in your thoughts,
Smile, talk and company
I am completely blank, mind is blank,
Life is blank without you

Cannot think of being away from you,
Even for a spilt second
You have filled up my mind, self and soul

No doubt in me, you have born for me,
Appeared for me, existing for me…
In the journey of my life.

Associated all along, past life’s…
Guided my soul to happiness, learnings
Gifted my mind with smiles, songs and spirit…

I Can’t think of living without you
You are my self, life and my destination