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Amidst the Desert

a poem by Sahana Lakshmi

I have starved for this feast of single bread.
Relishing the last feast of this journey feels worth it.
‘For this feeling’, I have walked miles and tread,
Not that I am a vagabond. Oh boy! I am rich
But somehow the lavish feasts didn’t suffice even a bit.

Wind as dry as my throat blows past my body
The dry wind doubles the burden of unbearable heat
Oh! How a sudden cool breeze brings smiles of glee?
My hair flutters in the breeze like the delusional palm trees
As the Wind God triumphs over the Sun God’s defeat.

Back in my palace, I had crystal clear water even to spill
But even the pure lucid water tasted dry and bland
Back then, not any amount of water could quench my thirst and fill.
So now I walk under the scorching desert Sun. As fated,
I stumble upon the muddy water pool — my divine nectar amidst the dry sand

I reach over to the other side of the pool as she beckons me
We smile at dusk of this journey; finally facing the same view.
At last I had found her- the genuine treasure, the real me
The Sun, the thirst and the cracks of battle scars, was all going to be worth it
Because the deeper the cracks were, the closer we grew.