Sample My Goods

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Hear taste this mind with intelligent stimulating,
strategically challenging destructions of objects in my path
Hear see my eyes as they look into the depths of your soul from the inside out
and read the thoughts that you have kept unpublished
Hear smell this flower that my nose allows to position itself in to my farthest nostril
holding passing reminisces of life’s forgotten memories
Hear explore my mouth that have taken the teeth of time
and remounted its own forces complete with compliments of long gone days
Hear my ears ringing with the very indignities that have been allowed to shine by misfortunes
Now touch my hair as it glisten by on yesterday’s wings
Now my shoulders are broad enough to have sustained a revolution of one nation to another
Now my arms that have wrapped not only my personal love
but also the loves of other worlds long before I got here
Yes oh yes my breast that refuses to sit silently by
and inhale life’s meaningless secrets without a rise and fall of sighs
And a stomach that has let ride on it the temptations of food lust and humility
without being sucked out of shape
My hips have landed yawl they are borders of the chips fall where they lay
With buttocks that ravish mountains and rolls over fields of sexual innuendos
Thighs that hold on to a memorial of my womanness
Legs that arrive before I do in their path breaking boundaries of chivalry
My feet so tiny but so not insignificant as to walk the same earth that a prophet’s path chose
And now my thoughts that are so extra ordinary as to lead you in your Sampling of my goods
to want to get to know more about me
My heart exposes all my inebriations and cough up the depth of this woman
My humor that you feel as silk on your skin welcomes you
My anger ignores my own faults to dig perhaps at another’s in my ignorance
My frustrations reward me when I blink and just make it happen
And yes, you are so right I have left out a very important ingredient for you to sample
My worthiness to know and love a god I feel granted me gifts inside this life and outside the other
So now my friend ask yourself do you ever are could you even pretend to know
another such as yourself faults unflawed! I say no, what do you say?