Work more, noise less

a poem by Jayati

Now known
The truth in
Silence is golden.
Mawkish tones
Charity news
Wants misuse
Poverty pays
Truly the rich-
Fame reaches
To bewitches.
After much honest
Thus it appears.
Please attach
No hitch on to
Which spoken-
Truth hurts.
Helpless bodies
Doubly misused
Lachrymose overdo
Is a type coo?
Do not we know?
Empty vessels sounds
Loud most-
Stop hollow beat it deafens.
Instead, work in silence is golden.
Rebuild earn gratitude, love, concern,
Sincere heart full reverences of fellow human.
Awareness is not
Pleasure in poverty lambastes per media express but
That show of a genuine concern and not crony mawkishness.