Poems by
Nandini R

An Endless Wait

a poem by Nandini R

Thoughts of him
keep haunting me
all day long
leaving me mute
and breathless.

All day long
my whole being
craves to be with
him, my love.

All day long
my eyes wander
on their own behalf
to my only hope
my love machine
to hear its sunny ring.

My phone! My cupid!
Oh! When will you
let me hear my love’s
breath-taking voice
and hear him say
those magical words.

All day long, I spend
gazing at his picture.
His adorable smile
driving me crazy.
My eyes sip greedily
and absorb every contour
of that unforgettable face.

Every moment painful.
The pain coursing
through my entire body
difficult to explain.
This endless wait, fills
me with a spaceless void
killing me inch by inch.

Every call from him
leads to fresh waves
of intense longing.
To die more simple
than to live a life
of endless wait.

Yet in this pain
there is sweetness.
This endless wait
becomes sweeter
at the thought of us
together forever
in a divine knot of love.