Poems by
Nandini R

Love Swept

a poem by Nandini R

Blessed is the day
when my eyes divined
a vision rare in beauty
gathering wild flowers
standing in the midst
of the thick greenery.

Long eye-lashes fanning
her large almond eyes,
her naughty twinkle
melting my insides, warm
I, a helpless victim
to the playful pranks
of the blind-eyed cupid.

The sight of her soft
rose-petalled lips
bow-shaped and full,
half open in anticipation
driving me crazy with
passions hitherto unknown,
setting my body instantly
on wild tumultuous fire.

Like the parched up land
thirsting for a water drop,
within me too thirsty,
to sip at her lovely lips.
No ocean, no heady wine
can ever quench this
undeniable thirst of mine.

On the shores of her lips
and all encompassing arms
surely lies the life-boat
that can save this
quivering, pining heart
of my obscure being.