Brother Dear

a poem by Minaz Shakeel Juwale

We have spent so many years of ours lives together
Never even thinking that we would ever part,
Always in our mother’s couchful arms we shall remain,
But life has more to say, why should it listen to us human beings,
for she has her own will,
Brother dear even when we are not close you are always on my mind,
That small fights of ours,
That running behind each other to smash up each other.
And then after the beating is done sitting and laughing on each other.
Remember clicking funny snaps
when you were once asleep and then again the running starts,
Brother I have lived a truly beautiful life with you,
I really thank god that you are my brother,
It is god who makes our blood relations
and I am thankful to him that you are my dear brother.
I will always cherish our relationship brother dear
Its this close relation of ours
where even after loving you so much I could never say,
But these words of mine will say it to you
Dear bhaijaan (brother) I love you a lot.
Thank you for always being there for me.